Family Caregiver – Children (CES) or Adults (SLS) Services

Eleos Services employees are a great option for the hourly services offered to children or adults on the Medicaid Childrens Extensive Supports (CES) or Supported Living Services (SLS) Waivers. Some of these waiver services can be provided by employed family caregivers or friends of the person receiving services.

Children's Extensive Support
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Home and Community Supports

For children and teens eligible for CES Waiver services and supports we are approved to offer: Community Connector, Homemaker, and Respite. For adults eligible for SLS Waiver services and supports we are approved to offer: Day Habilitation-Supported Community Connections, Homemaker, Mentorship, Transportation, Personal Care and Respite.

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Family or Friends Providing Support

Passionate supports are most likely going to come from the people that already care about you and are in your circle of support. Some of the CES and SLS services categories allow for parents or guardians to act as the service provider. Is there an extended family member outside of your home, school staff, or community member that enjoys spending time with and caring for you? They might be the perfect fit for some waiver services.

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Personalized Care

Eleos Services is knowledgeable and experienced in looking at your needs and piecing together a plan that accesses the resources provided by the state while utilizing your friends, family, and community to provide support. Let’s pull together your team and make it shine.


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